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Abigail Woodley's 1st Birthday!!

October 28th

Meet Abby  (A message from her family...)

Our little pumpkin is turning ONE!! We can't believe our little MMA fighter is already ONE year old! 

Abigail was born to an incredible family from China who came to America to have her due to the one child policy that was still in effect last year in China. At 24 hours of life, Abigail became very sick and was rushed to the NICU where they soon discovered based off of her newborn screen that she had Methylmalonic Acidemia, or MMA. The care for children in Beijing, China with MMA is limited and Abby's birthparents made the most sacrificial, loving choice for her - they made the choice to place her for adoption here in America. 

AND, my husband and I were the lucky ones to adopt her! We have an open relationship with her birth family in China and we share stories and pictures all the time!


Abby is a very loved little girl as she is the first grandchild on both sides of our families! So, on this first birthday there is not much that she needs. However, there is one gift that would be life changing for her... 

the gift of a cure for MMA. 

There is extensive research currently being done for a cure and we would like to give back to helping further this research. 

In lieu of gifts for Abby's birthday, we are asking that you make a donation to help end the existence of MMA. Abby is currently doing amazingly well and is happy and thriving! We are so thankful for the care she is receiving and daily count the blessing of this little one in our life! 

To honor Abby's birthday with a donation to the MMA Research Fund, please see the How to Donate tab and include Abby's name in the memo.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to help fund the research that is being done to cure Methylmalonic Acidemia! 

Thank you!


Thanks to everyone who attended Brady's 10th birthday bash!  The event raised over $6,000 to support MMA Research!

Brady Racca’s 10th Birthday 

MMA Fundraiser

held on

Saturday, November 15, 2014  

at the 

The Center Bar and Grille

106 Green Street

Worcester, MA 



Meet Brady Racca  (A message from his family...)

We are very fortunate to be celebrating Brady's 10th birthday this November.  Brady is a healthy, happy boy despite Methylmalonic Acidemia (MMA), which was detected with Newborn Screening.  

When Brady was 7 days old, we were called back to redo the screening and instructed to visit Dr. Shih at Mass General the following day.  That began our journey of educating ourselves and our families and friends all about low protein formula, foods, and other complications of MMA, a disease he would not outgrow.  

Brady's diet was just increased to 30 grams of protein a day and has had his special “drink medicines” since he was a newborn.  While he is restricted from eating meat and very little dairy, his favorite foods are starches such as popcorn, French fries, corn and pasta.  Those are the main staples of his diet along with fruits and vegetables.  

We work hard to make sure that Brady remains healthy and happy. But like other MMA children, he has had numerous hospitalizations when his body could not fight colds, ear infections and stomach bugs.  Despite these obstacles, he is our hero who always remains strong and positive.  

We know that many of the other families dealing with MMA have much bigger battles to fight than we currently have and we continue to count our blessings and pray that Brady will stay this healthy and strong. 

~*~*~*~  HOPE  ~*~*~*~

When Brady was 2 years old, we were fortunate to have Dr. Martin become the first pediatric metabolic doctor at UMASS.  Dr. Martin continues to care for Brady today.  She helped us become enrolled in Dr. Venditti’s research at National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.  

We visited Dr. Venditti in June 2008 and again in February 2014.  

Dr. Charles Venditti and Brady at NIH (February 2014)

Dr. Venditti and his team are working hard to find better treatments and gene therapy for people with MMA and we are excited to support these efforts with Brady's birthday bash!  All proceeds from the benefit will be directed to Dr. Venditti and his team at NIH through the MMA Research Fund.